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Thanksgiving 2011

A yearlong hiatus, huh?

Since the last time I wrote here, a year ago, I’ve finished the Bachelor’s degree in Physics that I started eight long years ago before interrupting my studies to take a trip to Iraq. I’ve started a new job, while studying full-time towards a graduate degree. I’ve cooked nearly every night, and I’ve brewed almost 200 gallons of beer (most of it good). I’ve been too busy to write, but not too busy to cook.

I figure that Thanksgiving is as good a time as any to get back into the swing of blogging. After all, I’ll have plenty of late nights with which to stay caught up once the baby arrives! Oh yeah, that was the other thing that happened since last I wrote…

We also started a food coop with two other couples among our friends. We make enough to feed six, with leftovers, and deliver it to their houses once a week. We’ve been going for about a month, and it’s been a lot of fun so far. I think the trick is to find other people who are also excited about food. We’re going to start group blogging that venture, of course, and you can find it here: This Ain’t Your Mother’s Food Coop!

This Thanksgiving was the first in a while for which we did not do a majority of the cooking. We still made our “classics”: the Balsamic-glazed Brussels Sprouts and stuffing with mushrooms and plenty of herbs. We have another 28-pound turkey in the fridge to cook later this weekend, and a pot of chili to keep my friends and me warm as we brew a collection of holiday beers tomorrow.

Life is good.


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