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I spent Thanksgiving with family a state away- my fiance and I took the opportunity to visit the strawberry farm where we’ll be married this spring. She’s picked berries there with her family nearly her whole life- we’re hoping the fruit will be ripe before the wedding. We also ran from family event to family event- two Thanksgiving dinners (an hour or so apart), my grandfather’s 90th birthday party, brunch with our two families, and of course Friday morning shopping. (I found a little game shop, and listened to the employees engaged in a fiery debate about whether Twilight sucked, or really sucked. “I just want one of those little fangirls to come in here so I can give her a book about a real vampire!).

We brought two Ivy Manning recipes to Thanksgiving- shredded brussel sprouts with a roasted red pepper vinaigrette, and oven-roasted sweet potatoes with hazelnut butter. I gave her book Farm to Table: The Art of Eating Locally to Beth as a birthday present last year- there’s not a recipe we’ve made from it that wasn’t excellent.

So I’ve been running in multiple directions at once for the last few weeks, between family gatherings, semester computing projects and thermal physics finals. That brings me to today’s recipe. It doesn’t take long to make something tasty from the right ingredients.

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