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West Side Trip

I bit back a Maria reference up there.

Beth and I just got back from a trip over to Oregon. We’re getting married in Salem this spring, so we took a trip over to work out some details.

I wish rosemary bloomed in Idaho. I stole a flower from a gigantic rosemary bush outside Nichol’s Nursery in Albany, OR. It tasted like (and this will come as a shock) extra-perfumey rosemary. If I could have more, I’d use them as a garnish on something nice when I wasn’t concerned about looking like a foodie douchebag. I used to think flowers were an overrated decoration(especially the $1/oz petunias you see at grocery stores), but there are a bunch of blooms out there with actual flavor. Beth grew a lot of Borage last year to bring bees to her garden- those flowers taste like cucumber. Arugula blossoms are quite pretty and peppery. I’m about to revert to the habits of my youth: if it looks interesting, put it in mouth. I haven’t done that for a while after some early missteps- my mom still tells the story about me with a thorn pinned through my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

Speaking of mouth trouble, I made a silly choice this weekend. I’ve been wanting to visit Cascade Brewing’s Raccoon Lodge for a while now- the sour beer styles they brew are supposed to be among the best in the nation. We got over there on this trip, and I tried two sours- a gose with hibiscus (speaking of flowers!) and cranberry, and a sour belgian blonde with blackberries (which was awesome). I also had the bad idea to get happy hour nachos. Imagine eating tortilla chips and then drinking something almost as sour as lemon juice. Yeah. At least the beers were tasty enough to make up for it.



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