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Dot, not Feather.

That was how I explained the Indian origin of this dish to my fiance’s roommate. Terrible, I know. Beth told me so, and I believe her.

I’ve never met a curry I didn’t like, but this dish was (almost) an exception. I made palak paneer (basically curried spinach with paneer cheese) from an excellent recipe a while back, but I never wrote down the recipe. I tell myself that I won’t forget good recipes, and so I don’t write them down. This is the wrong answer. So, I needed a decent recipe for palak paneer. I hit up the Google, and found a 4-star recipe on allrecipes.com. Ok, I said… I’ll give this a shot. I should have taken a clue from the way they replaced paneer with ricotta- the name of the dish is palak paneer for crying out loud! I ended up creating myself an account on allrecipes.com just so I could express my feelings.

Why, you ask, didn’t I just modify as I went along like a real cook? I’ve used the site several times before, and it always peeves me to see a recipe downrated with a comment along the lines of “These cherry-almond bars were just 2 stars. I used butter instead of shortening and some lemon filling that my mother-in-law brought us from England when she went over for Princess Di’s funeral. I didn’t have almonds, so I topped them with crushed-up peanut clusters left over from Halloween. My husband thought they were too buttery and didn’t like the lemon.” Thanks for that helpful advice. I bet America’s Test Kitchen is just beating down your door so you can spread the good word of “don’t put past-date Halloween crap on desserts”.

*deep breath*

So I followed the recipe, left my comment, and then adjusted the recipe. It turned out well in the end:

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