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We grew a bunch of it this year. We had squash vines exploring the sidewalk, wrapping around the mailbox, and climbing the neighbor’s apple tree. We stored some dozen or so large winter squash in Beth’s garage this winter- pumpkins, sweetmeats, galeaux d’esine, delicata… They’re about at the end of their collective rope now, though. Mold spots were starting to appear on the hard rinds, and the stems were loose. The obvious solution was to eat a lot of squash, which was no great hardship for either of us.

This is the first of several winter squash recipes that I’ve made over the last few weeks. The inspiration came from 101 Cookbooks and a few idle moments in the WinCo bulk aisle. See, Beth and I both have a tendency to taste new things. She found adzuki beans in the bulk bins- I typed their name into a couple favorite food blogs, and found a tasty looking recipe on 101 Cookbooks. A few tweaks later, I had a new favorite soup.

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