Thanksgiving 2010

Mmmm… winter holidays!

This cranberry cider was Beth’s Thanksgiving invention- it’s simple and tasty at half cranberry juice, half sparkling cider, a shot of light rum and cranberries and maybe a cinnamon stick to garnish.

We hosted my in-laws for Thanksgiving- we served up a 28 pound turkey (!) that we’ve had in the freezer since getting it cheap the day after last Thanksgiving. I brined it for around 24 hours in a homebrewed belgian wit with thyme and allspice, and slow-cooked it overnight in direct defiance of the USDA’s dire warnings to never cook turkey at less than 325. If you’re smoking a turkey, though, 225 is apparently just peachy. I did ours for 9 hours at 250, and it came out delicious.

Beth made pimento and white cheddar baked green beans, a pumpkin pie and a pear custard pie that is basically the best thing ever. I made Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts, twice-baked sweet potatos with harissa and preserved lemon, and a leek and mushroom cornbread dressing based on a recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

I’ll post a couple food recipes later on this weekend.

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